Our students receive Entrepreneurship starting at a young age in order to develop initiative, creativity and autonomy.

The following projects have been created from these initiatives.

ACTION is a diplomatic simulation conference, where the greatest humanity conflicts are solved through the intervention of young people.

ACTION is different to other conferences due to the importance given to tolerance, respect and the empowerment of young people.

In the first edition of our conference, we chose, as a theme, the resolution of religious and ethnic conflicts through history and current times.  Each of the four committees covered one of these conflicts and ended up writing peace agreements between the parties involved.

During the two days of the conference, the delegates represented the countries or the government figures and showed their position through speeches and eloquent interventions.

Entrepreneurship at CHU is a fundamental pillar in its institutional purpose statement. We rely on it to promote leadership, teamwork and especially values; we also work on innovation and creativity skills as an important part of our process.

This year we are trying to give the SHUK a different approach. Preschool will live a very nice process throughout the three academic terms where they will put into practice their Motor, Language and Math skills, giving a realistic  ouch to all the learning that they acquire through the activities carried out in their classrooms.

Elementary will continue with the creation of small businesses, whether of goods or services. We will show and carry out these businesses in two moments of the school year; there, students will have the opportunity to live the experience of assembling and starting up their own businesses.

In Middle and High School, teachers and students will choose a theme or topic for each class that will be the starting point to work in the different business models. These students will have a more real audience that participates in the process as sponsors, advisors or consultants.

CHU Reading Club emerged as an initiative of two students, Salomé Rubio and Jorge Stefanell. This reading club is a unique and fun experience to meet the endless universes that literature offers to human beings.

CHU Reading Club will resume this year weekly. Yajaira García and Vanessa Vellojín will be the lead teachers in charge of creating a special space to engage our students with the fantastic literary world. In addition, parents are also invited to participate in the reading process of their children.

Helping Hands started in 2014 as a social entrepreneurship project created by students to favour poor communities of the Golda Meir School.

Every year, the group of students that supports the Helping Hands’ cause creates different campaigns to raise funds that will allow them to solve any problem facing the school.

At this moment, the Helping Hands Project is targeted to  CDC Golda Meir of Las Americas neighborhood.

Our Middle and High School students are committed to this social program by spending time and efforts for the creation of new ideas for campaigns in order to raise funds.

Writing a text, whatever its type, requires a lot of imagination, creativity, enthusiasm and ability to put all the ideas on paper.

A book creation is not only literary work, but  also an artistic one, produced from inquiry, investigative, creative and pedagogical content, which tries to gather different languages for its process and final product, which makes the intertextuality possible.

Light in Our Pages is a project that promotes the love for reading, the strengthening of writing and artistic abilities.

These three aspects can take us to interesting fields within the framework of bibliographic production, creating an integral product where several visual and written languages gather.

Welcome everyone to a new version of our school environmental project ECO HEBREO.

This year we have programmed new activities that will help take care of the environment, not only of the school, but also in our homes.

We invite all the members of our school community to work together for the environmental education of our childhood and youth, inculcating values and principles that promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the use of water, electricity and other resources, besides, in the way we treat plants and animals. We should be persistent in the struggle to continue supporting the preservation of our planet.

The current school year, we will be working through the programs of Keren Kayemet LeIsrael in planting trees at our CHU and nearby communities. You might visit the website of this organization, especially the education part: kklweb.org

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E-mail: info@colegiohebreounion.edu.co

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Tel: 3595870 – 3592381  – Cel: 3205495627  

E-mail: info@colegiohebreounion.edu.co

Cra. 43 No. 85 – 25  

Nit. 890.100.257-4

Barranquilla – Colombia